3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Pega Infinity™


Limitless – Continuous – Scalable is how Pega describes its latest platform, Pega Infinity. In this blog post, I try to summarize the benefits of upgrading to Pega Infinity, for any enterprise currently operating on Pega 7.x and lower versions. While Pega’s real-time AI powers 1.5 billion customer experiences – Creating seamless and personalized experiences, they have taken the customer experience to the next level through Pega Infinity.

In Pega Infinity, the most important aspects of a business, the ‘Customer Engagement’ and ‘Digital Process Automation’ are brought into one unified platform which is powered by Pega’s futureproof low-code platform. Enterprises running on Pega 7.x and lower can gain 3 major benefits by upgrading to Pega Infinity:

  1. Limitless Customer Engagement – Intelligent engagement on any channel with confidence. It is now much easier to create and execute your inbound and outbound marketing strategies, all in one place. With features like Next-Best-Action Designer, you can design, monitor, and control your one-to-one strategies from a single interface, with the help of best practices and guardrails built into the software. Pega Infinity’s self-optimizing AI and the AI-powered Pega® Sales Coach is built keeping the business user in mind. Hence more control provided to the business user and less dependency on engineering. The AI-powered Pega Sales Coach helps in driving retention, re-purchase, cross-sell and up-sell, helping your sellers in selecting the best leads to go after. An important factor that promotes this continuous engagement is the ability to do it on any channel. While you stay on course, the platform also allows you to stay in control with the industry’s first T-switch for transparent AI and the most configurable capabilities for GDPR compliance.
  2. End-to-End Automation Unify the Siloes. Pega Infinity is built to unify the siloed customer engagement and digital process automation. It is the industry’s only CRM suite with built-in robotic automation which lets you instantly integrate with any application. If not the entire customer journey, you can Automate at any point with the help of software bots which can streamline and bring efficiencies into the back office to the front lines. You can initiate the automation journey from any point to scale across the scope of your business.
  3. Build for Change – See the value fast. The vision of Pega has always been to empower enterprises with scalable low-code apps that can evolve along with the transformation of the enterprise. This means the apps are always up to date, easy to change, ready to deploy – In other words, they ensure that you derive your business value through them, much faster. This vision of Pega becomes truer with the latest Pega Infinity platform. Pega Infinity allows you to build at the speed of your business. Pega promises that with Infinity you can aim to launch your Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) in 30 days or less. Pega’s drag-and-drop integrations, design thinking methodology, and rich out-of-the-box capabilities ensure to get you to derive the business value faster than imagined!

I believe the primary aim of Pega Infinity is to improve the ROI for digital transformation projects and help customers deliver better CX – which I am quickly seeing clients adopt and Pega’s vision become a reality!

By Yusufzai S. Khan, Chief Technology Officer – NIIT Incessant Technologies

NIIT Incessant Technologies is a Pega Platinum Partner, with 300+ successful customer implementations and industry highest pool of Pega certified CLSAs (Certified Lead System Architects) in-house. We bring unmatched functional and technological expertise in assisting global organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals. For more information on how to upgrade to Pega Infinity, please drop us a line – Contact Incessant