The average customer is currently waiting 45 mins-1 hour to speak with a customer service representative.

Significantly reduce your call centre waiting times with our new Pega Chatbot Service offering. Over 50% of the customer queries can now be answered without human intervention, ensuring your customers still receive the level of customer care they expect.

AI Driven Pega Chatbot Capabilities  

  • Extremely quick implementation. Start to go-live in 4-6 weeks
  • AI driven Chatbots can help answer common customer queries, 24×7 without any human intervention
  • Chatbots integrated with your enterprise systems to provide real time information to customers
  • Bolting a live chat option with the AI-Driven Chatbots, can enable the customer service agents to work remotely
  • Chatbots can collect customer requests for offline processing & call back requests

Recently implemented a Chatbot in just 2 weeks for a leading Insurer in North America!

Customer Benefits of Pega AI Chatbot

  • At least 40-60% of chat queries contained by the Chatbot without human intervention
  • Reduction in overall call volumes to the contact center
  • Reduced waiting times for your customers
  • Ongoing innovation and improvement to Chatbot capabilities


Customer Responsibilities

  • Provide readily available APIs (REST or SOAP)
  • Availability of empowered business stakeholders for 3-4 weeks.
  • Adding the chatbot component (HTML snippet) to their website or mobile app
  • Assist in setting up VPN connectivity to the Pega cloud environment
  • Perform the acceptance testing & provide sign-off
  • Any required end-user training


Get a quote & go-live in 4-6 weeks