Integrated DevOps Suite

Built with 2000+ person years of Pega expertise
to accelerate your
end-end Pega DevOps journey
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Business Problem

Organizations are unable to derive expected ROI from existing DevOps investments, which lack end-to-end visibility to track, monitor & identify DevOps bottlenecks due to which the overall DevOps agility is reduced by inefficient test automation strategies.

Introducing Incessant’s DevOps Service Offering

Incessant’s DevOps suite delivers end-to-end Pega DevOps. The suite allows you to drive DevOps adoption and also the adoption of Pega best practices in your organization. By leveraging our DevOps suite of solutions, along with our expertise, we ensure you are deriving maximum value from your DevOps investments, whilst providing ongoing maintenance and governance throughout the process.

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How We Solve the Problem?

Innovate Faster

Build and deploy faster than your competition.
With the delivery, support and testing functions
integrated onto one platform you can accelerate the
pace of your digital transformation. This means that
your innovative products and services reach your customers
much faster than your competitors’.

Better Collaboration

Our integrated DevOps suite is built with an idea of
giving all the teams on the project a common goal, by
allowing them to operate in one environment. This improves
the collaboration and the trust between various teams
working on the project to ensure a faster exchange of
information and updates.

Higher Success Rate

Our consultants operating on the suite
make use of proven best practices, hence
deliver a high quality code, while staying
vigilant about the potential lapses and breakages.

Proof Points

Our clients typically see a 50% reduction in time taken to complete the DevOps journey by automating a number of processes via these offerings
Almost 40% of your processes can be automated and by automating several of these processes, staff can be realigned to other tasks
Using one or more of Incessant’s service offerings will increase efficiency in your organization by at least 30%

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