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A flexible platform for banks to originate loans to SMB’s at scale and in compliance with changing government policies. The solution provides the right foundation to configure/deploy processes in highly agile business environments while ensuring the necessary business impact is delivered in a timely manner.

Current Operational Challenges for small lenders

Introducing SMB Assistance Loans

A platform for Banks to keep up with the volatile business situation and adapt to changing government policies. It provides a scalable foundation to be able to build/deploy processes in highly agile business environments to ensure that the needed impact is delivered in a time-sensitive manner.

The current Covid-19 situation is fast-moving with wide impacts. With governments around the world announcing new relief loans and schemes on a weekly basis, small lenders are inundated with thousands of loan requests and need smart and light-weight origination system that can adapt to change and volume in real-time.

Business Benefits Achieved

Fast track loan originations by 40-50%

Gain immediate capacity via straight through processing

100% Transparency

Ensure accuracy and transparency to regulators

25-30% Reduction of Errors

Leverage automation through OCR, e-signatures, sanction checks to reduce human errors

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