Alfresco Framework
for Pega

Ability to Seamlessly Manage Cases and Content
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Business Problem

Case workers having to use separate case and document management solutions.Documents are required to be stored in a system of record outside the case management system. Inefficient version control & metadata management for case documents.

Introducing Incessant Alfresco Framework for Pega

Incessant has created an integrated Pega and Alfresco content and document management platform. This solution is
a Pega ruleset that has pre-built plugins for all the standard content management operations, an embedded document
viewer control, a landing page for easy configuration and ready to use algorithms for seamless security synchronization.


The solution can be plugged into Pega applications
by following a simple 2-step configuration

Install the component rule set into the Pega environment
Enter the Alfresco server details & credentials into the Alfresco landing page

How We Solve the Problem?

Out of the box case and content management platform

Increased end-user productivity with a direct document viewer, checkout / check-in from Pega

Seamless user experience with an integrated content search

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