Virtual Lead
System Architect

Designed to perform a thorough review
of Pega applications remotely
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Business Problem

Code reviews can be manual, time-consuming and prone to human error. What’s more, these reviews are often skipped or solely based on a lead system architect’s discretion, creating a mismanagement of expectations and deployment issues.

Introducing Incessant’s Virtual Lead System Architect

Incessant’s Virtual Lead System Architect is a Pega AI based Virtual LSA powered by Pega WebChat, Pega NLP, Pega RPA and Pega Knowledge to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely which enhances the code quality and developer efficiency. It conducts regular reviews of Pega applications remotely, providing real-time suggestions to developers during the implementation cycle. Once set-up, the review process can be initiated as a one-time activity or scheduled to run periodically. A detailed Pega application review document is then generated and sent via email to key stakeholders

How we solve the problem?

Allows for scheduling of reviews and automated email notification on completion

Graphical representation of areas for review and provides recommendations and better practices

Reduces deployment delays and better performance code review

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